Video Introductions

As you scroll down this page you will find a few short videos introducing the purposes and principles of this work which is designed to help and serve you.

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On-Purpose People Perform – is a Purpose-Driven organization committed to helping people rediscover their greatest Passion and Purpose in their Work/Career/Calling.

“We make significant contribution to the lives of individuals and companies by positively impacting their beliefs, behaviours and performance through our proven ‘Purpose-Driven’ Training and Coaching processes.” ~ Gary Gradley, Founder & President

Due to the current situation (like ‘The Great Resignation’) many marketplace professionals are facing frustration & demotivation, working in a role that they dislike. They are dis-engaged and have or will resign.

I help marketplace professionals and individuals like yourself who are frustrated and ‘off-Purpose’ and who want a more fulfilling job/career/business to re-ignite their Clarity, Confidence and Commitment on their Calling/Purpose.

My burning Passion to help 100s of people follow their heart and live ‘On-Purpose’; be fulfilled & high performing & high Impact in 2023!

‘My Mission 2023’: 100 Re-Awakened ‘On Purpose’ Lives to help this hurting world!


Welcome to On Purpose People Perform, designed to prepare you and your family to survive and thrive through  mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually.

Are you frustrated? Feeling stuck? Lacking clarity? Need to reinvent yourself and your business in 2022? Want to accelerate your life and business?

NOW IS THE TIME for Clarity, Purpose, and Power!

Taking the Helm Podcast
Lynn McLaughlin is the host of her inspirational podcast, “Taking the Helm” and publishes a new episode every Wednesday.

Human 2 Human Podcast
Gary Gradley shares with Coach Marilu Tapia about getting to know what people do in a personal way. H2H makes a deeper connection with people in a connected digital environment.

100 Huntley Street Interview
Ron and Ann Mainse speak with Gary Gradley about the troubles we all face and how we need to respond in faith rather than in fear.

The Kingdom Promise Book Endorsed on Context TV Show by Lorna Dueck
‘THE KINGDOM PROMISE: How Leading Canadians Choose Faith to Conquer the Storms of Life‘ by Gary Gradley and Phil Kershaw features the true-life stories of how 25 leading Canadians Choose FAITH over fear in overcoming serious personal life crises. The Kingdom Promise provides overwhelming evidence that when we “seek first his kingdom and his righteousness…all these things will be given to us as well” (Matt. 6:33, NIV).

This excellent book to raise one’s FAITH is endorsed by Lorna Dueck, Founder of Context – a leading Canadian Christian weekly TV talk show that she hosts Sunday mornings on Global TV.