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Then this value-packed ‘Passion, Purpose & Power’ Master Class is for YOU!

The Reality is...

You can breakthrough to a new powerful place of…
Clarity, Confidence, Commitment, Inspired Action and Success!

You will be reminded that a clear inspiring Purpose gives you passion, focus, drive and higher performance.

“Passion & Purpose enables your Personal Power” – Gary Gradley

Recall a time when you were most passionate and high performing. See it and feel it. It made a big difference didn’t it!

One of the top 10 things every business & life needs
is a higher Purpose: A Mission & Vision!

“Where there is no vision the people will perish” – Proverbs29:18

YOU have unlimited power when your soul is ‘on fire’, focused & harnessed towards your specific meaningful Purpose and Goal.

“There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of Purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it.” – Think & Grow Rich, Napoleon

'You have the power to create, re-invent your business & your life when you passionately follow your heart - the Calling on your Life’

“Everyone has their own specific mission in life to carry out, a concrete assignment which demands fulfillment. You cannot be replaced, nor can your life be repeated. The world needs you” – Victor Frankel

The purpose of this Master Class;

is to help you ‘level up’ by giving you greater clarity, confidence, commitment and performance.

Expected Outcomes for You:

When your business/life becomes your greatest Passion and Purpose you will have the most powerful business and life through it.

Imagine you are now living like this, feeling the fulfillment and the power of Passion and Purpose and experiencing the impact and success.

Be bold and courageous. Stand up and show up!
Join us and you will discover your true calling and be living more ‘on-Purpose’ and be higher performing.

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Risk Free Guarantee:

We guarantee that you will have a clear sense of your greatest Passion and much more clarity of your Purpose by attending this Master Class. 

If you have completed all of the work, assignments and attended all of the sessions and took all the actions assigned, and you do not have a clear sense of your greatest Passion and much more clarity of your Purpose, than we will provide a coaching credit for an individual coaching session to support you.

Join Us!

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NOTE: If you have a conflict with dates – Tuesday 7pm – 9pm, please reach out to us & we will explore the options.

Invest yourself into this program and you will bring your life and business to the next level.


Discovery of Passion = Fulfillment

"This Process Really Works"

“I now have more clarity and commitment about my passions and my purpose in life. This is very exciting for me! So thank you so much for your assistance. This process really works and you truly have a gift in doing it!”

– Ms. Mel Hems, Sales Manager

"Surprisingly Simple"

“I lead the closure of our packaging operation in Mississauga and to help our more than 100 impacted staff we offered Gary’s assistance. Gary’s approach was respectfully challenging and surprisingly simple,…

albeit somewhat unconventional. His methodology delivered clear, concise themes and direction. I can now enunciate the critical elements of a job that would attract me and that I would enjoy over the long term. Testimonies from our
broader group would indicate a consistent outcome.
Many thanks Gary!”

– Karen D. Feltmate, Vice President, Operations, Business Services and Regulatory Affairs, AstraZeneca Canada

A Proven Process = Results

"Very Valuable & Effective"

“Gary’s passion for inspiring others to ‘re-discover’ their own passion and purpose in life/work is invaluable. He stands proofs with his own example. Gary has a comprehensive, structured (with tools), and stimulating dialogue…

-based program to engage the audience in self-assessment, prioritization of values, wishes, defining the re-discovered passion, and in making commitments for a focused change personally and professionally.

I found this multi-session process with reflection time in between, very valuable and effective. Probably the most valuable for me was to ‘book’ focused time for myself to take inventory of my likes, wishes, talents and skills and connect to my career path planning.

I appreciated Gary’s delicate reminders and ‘push’ to do our homework and take advantage of these sessions. I am grateful for his passion about this existentially fundamental matter and driving us through this all important self-analysis of passion, career alignment, strategy and action planning. Thank you Gary”

– Tibor Bodor Supervisor, Process & Packaging Development, AstraZeneca Canada

Process Was Exceptional

““As a Director of HR in a rapidly changing national company, I was feeling frustrated, confused, overworked and under recognized; I was thinking about leaving my job. Now, after completing this Coaching Series, I can honestly say…


that I feel like a new person. I have clarity; I am focused, I know who I am, what I want and what my priorities in life and work are. I have happily re-discovered my passion in my work, I love my staff, and I love the difference that we make. I speak my truth, I have a much higher level of acceptance and peace in my life and in my chaotic work environment. I have become totally passionate and committed to what I want.

This coaching process was exceptional; it enabled me to really take the time out of my hectic schedule, to think about what was important to me in my life and to deal with the root of my emotions towards my work and my life.

The ‘True Life Purpose’ process was extremely worthwhile; definitely worth the time and the investment. I would highly recommend it!”


– Cindy, Director of HR

Clarity = Power

With Clarity Comes Power

““My timing to be working with you was perfect. It helped to get things in order and to understand what truly is important. I now feel for the first time in a long time to be back to my true powerful positive self. With clarity comes power…
I now know that focusing on the national sales role was the right decision to make. I have lessened the stress in my life and I’m planning to take my first two week holiday in years. We’re having a great year so far in Canada. We are up over last year by 22% YTD. Thank you for all your help.”
– Michael, National Sales Manager

So Vaulable

““What a time saver. In the first two weeks of the Purpose Workshop, I discovered a unique business niche for my business that I am passionate about and that I can compete strongly in my market and attract higher-level clients…

I can’t say enough good things about the leaders. They are experienced and effective with a set of discovery exercises and discussions that helped me leap ahead months, maybe years, in understanding my purpose and my business. Gary’s guidance has been so valuable for me. Gary has tremendous experience and yet still treats his workshop participants with the utmost respect and generosity. Thank you!”
– Janet McLeod Wortel, Copywriter

Focus on Priorities = Performance


““Recommended by many professionals, Gary worked closely with my Senior Manager and as a ‘Performance Coach’ over several months to create a clear, manageable and measurable plan for myself as the leader of the…
Materials Management Team. Gary provided his expertise to facilitate this plan in a clear, caring and concise manner. Using his proven tools and methodologies, we prioritized literally hundreds of projects and tasks into seven “prioritized outcomes” for the year. This gave myself and my team absolute clarity and enabled much more effective decision making and allocation of resources to performance objectives.

As a result, I now had a simple and effective structure from which to manage from. Short and long term objectives became realistic and sustainable and workload expectations became more manageable.

If you are looking for a results-orientated professional to help structure personal or organizational goals, strategies and plans, with a supportive coaching process, I highly recommend Gary Gradley to provide you with his expertise. Thank you Gary.”


– John Simpson, Director Materials Management, Halton Healthcare Services, Oakville Hospital

Purpose Workshop Is A Joy

“Gary’s Passion & Purpose Workshop is a joy. As a result of this workshop, I have made some exciting tweaks to the way I deliver my teachings. In one activity I received a clear “download” to incorporate…

into my classes my meditative/spiritual side. I started immediately to do so, with great results. Thanks, Gary, for your warm and caring approach.”

– Adele, Experienced Transformation Trainer

Complete the program and it will deliver clarity, confidence and commitment to your Calling.

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