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On-Purpose People Perform – is a Purpose-Driven organization committed to helping people rediscover their greatest Passion and Purpose in their Work/Career/Calling.

“We make significant contribution to the lives of individuals and companies by positively impacting their beliefs, behaviours and performance through our proven ‘Purpose-Driven’ Training and Coaching processes.” ~ Gary Gradley, Founder & President

Due to the current situation (like ‘The Great Resignation’) many marketplace professionals are facing frustration & demotivation, working in a role that they dislike. They are dis-engaged and have or will resign.

I help marketplace professionals and individuals like yourself who are frustrated and ‘off-Purpose’ and who want a more fulfilling job/career/business to re-ignite their Clarity, Confidence and Commitment on their Calling/Purpose.

My burning Passion to help 100s of people follow their heart and live ‘On-Purpose’; be fulfilled & high performing & high Impact in 2023!

‘My Mission 2023’: 100 Re-Awakened ‘On Purpose’ Lives to help this hurting world!

We will enable you to rapidly know and act upon your Purpose, through our proven;

The purpose of this Workshop;

is to help you ‘level up’ by giving you greater clarity, confidence, commitment and performance.

We are here to support you through this Transition by helping you:

  1. Accelerate your Clarity, Commitment, Confidence and Action on your Purpose/Calling and Career focus, within 90 days!
  2. Produce superior results with powerfully aligned goals which are 90% more achievable for you.
  3. Break through fears and procrastination to take consistent, sustainable inspired action.
  4. Experience the well-being of feeling focused, fulfilled and inspired by knowing that you are in the center of God’s will with your God-given Purpose.
  5. Harmoniously attract the desired relationships, clients, partnerships, resources and success.
  6. Have greater influence and impact making a positive contribution to your community and to the world.

I invite you into this journey of discovery and enlightenment; 

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A powerful ‘Discovering your greatest Passion’ Guided Visualization recording



With Purpose Coach Gary Gradley
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I look forward to being of service to you.


Gary Gradley

Passion & Purpose Coach

On Purpose People Perform

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