Introducing the Entrepreneurship for Immigrants
Ambassador Program

The Ambassador puts the company’s message in the hands of ambassadors with specific goals in mind,
such as improving sales, cultivating a reputation, and building brand recognition.

The Ambassador Program Includes Collaboration in Matters such as Sales of the Following;

to assist with a smooth and hassle-free integration into the Canadian market.

Educational Programs

Entertainment Events Promotions

Cultural & Immigration Services

Other Related Services

Our collaboration will include collaboration with government organizations, corporations, schools, colleges or universities and cultural centers both in Canada and abroad.

Fast-Track to your ideal Career at the Gilany Leadership Academy,
we provide you with the skills you need to thrive in business.

Our Commitment From Us To You:

You'll be Paid on All Products & Services:

Upon registering, all the programs offered by GLAO will include a referral 13% fee to the program by our global ambassadors (that is YOU) paid out on the start of each course.

The Morgan-Gilany Inc.’ registered with the government of Canada on Jan.07,2013 will be the main hub and revenues shared. 

This will be paid out as per the compensation and referral schedule throughout the duration of the online program.

All opportunities arising from our collaboration with our community are shared fairly and simply by the same principle.

The challenges and opportunities will be shared first within out Mastermind team.

Your Sales Commission / Referral Fee:

Paid in advance or on the 1st day of the program provided all revenues are received.

About The Gilany Leadership Academy

  • GLAO Academy is Canada’s leading Debate and Public Speaking academy. With expert instructors bringing the best in debate education, our lessons help students do better in school and prepares them to build their own businesses.

  • GLAO group classes are perfect for Immigrants Entrepreneurs and with any level of experience in their own country. Our curriculum ensures that students are taught skills and technique, while expanding their knowledge about relevant topics and world issues.

  • Classes are taught at our Toronto academy and online via Zoom. Register today to hear from our admissions team and learn more!

Our corporate values include:

Our Expectation From You To Us:

Our agreement that will follow sign up will include terms and conditions for a minimum of One year from the signing date of the Collaborative Coaching Program. (Completing 4 terms of 13-week courses.)

  1. Instructor will commit min. two hour a week to our curriculum for 13-week duration of our courses. Time & hours of live classes TBA

  2. The instructor has the option to continue collaboration after the completion of the graduation of the first class.

  3. The instructor will treat all student with respect, integrity, and the highest standard of professionalism.

  4. All sessions will be recorded for future training and record keeping.

  5. Courses are offered in different topics and the content remains the property of each instructor and The Gilany Leadership Academy.

  6. Minimum Class size is 5 students for each start. Ideal class size would be 7-10- and Max 13.

  7. Our instructors and mentors are not hourly, or salary based and solely based on collaborative entrepreneurship initiative in sales and marketing effort by our team at GLAO and your own network. They love coaching our students and building a global network.

  8. Instructor is also an ambassador of the program and could refer student to other courses offered.

  9. We are building up all the resources for successful integration of current and incoming immigrants that will need your experience and expertise.

Currently all incurred expenses have been absorbed by Gilany Leadership Academy and your role will to help us instruct but also expand our student enrollments and our community.

Recap of What You Get When You Register Today:

ALL for Special Price of ONLY $297.00 CAD

Recap of What You Get When You Register Today:

Special Price
ONLY $297.00 CAD

Intellectual Property NOTICE:

Intellectual property of course design, materials, and participant manual belong to the creator (i.e., Frank). All material is used for marketing and promotional purposes by The Gilany Leadership Academy.

The instructor permits GLAO; The Principal partner to use the material produced in collaborative work and further online classes. Jointly developed materials like visual designs and video recording programs will be jointly branded, recognizing both ‘GLAO’ and our mastermind instructor team.

The Gilany Leadership Academy Online retains the right to keep track of all our students and use the material produced for future growth.

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